Why Prosperity Is Elusive to So Many People

By Christine E. Springer

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about the mechanics of prosperity. He is experiencing a lot of personal growth, and he stated that he believed it was mostly a function of a change in his consciousness.

We had an interesting debate about his statement, and ultimately that debate is what inspired this post. In fact, the content flowed so easy that it was actually pretty cool -- it was practically channeled through automatic writing.

I disagree that prosperity is solely a function of our consciousness. If it were, there would be fewer people struggling financially right now.

The truth is, you could be doing everything right and still have trouble paying your bills.

I think most of the spiritually-oriented wealth teachers are doing a disservice by not helping people understand that spirituality is just one piece of success.

If you believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then you understand that we are here in this reality for a reason. I don't believe we are here to struggle, or to learn life lessons, per se. We are here, knocking into each other (which sometimes looks like struggle or difficulty), because it's ALL good in God's eyes. It all leads to expansion of consciousness.

I've been asked to remind you (and myself) that we’ve all chosen to be here during these transformational times.

(I often wonder what I was thinking when I made that decision…ha ha!)

We came here for a purpose, and to assist in the transformation just by being here while it unfolds.

I have also been asked to tell you that we are supported through this challenging period of financial transformation, and that it’s not going to last forever.

There are multiple reasons why you are not prospering in the way you’d like right now, and many of them are outside of your control.

I’m not saying that it’s OK to sit on the couch and eat bonbons and expect the money to flow to you. I’m talking to the people who get up and go to work every day or entrepreneurs who take purposeful action daily, and wonder why they can’t seem to make much progress. If you are in this position, I hope this post brings you some hope.

Here are the reasons why prosperity eludes so many of us right now:

  1. Building wealth takes a lot of TIME. On average, it takes people 20-30 years to become wealthy, and wealth arrives as a result of successful, consistent habits and dealing with your personal fears, issues and obstacles.

This is where the spiritual prosperity teachers get it wrong. You aren't going to get rich overnight by watching a secret movie. You need consistent action steps on a daily basis toward your goals AND to align your mindset and your words with your desired destination.

  1. Global financial reorganization. This is the big one on this list, in my opinion. Even if you are working your plan with purpose, this is what is causing the delays for many people's future plans. Some of you may find your plans dramatically altered given the new energies.

You may think change isn't really happening, but I assure you that it's well underway. It's not a partisan or political problem, either, so blaming someone or another group of people isn't going to solve this.

Any time there are big changes happening, there is confusion and delay while the new systems are being created.

  1. Energetic changes that affect you on an individual level. I continue to be surprised at how accurate astrology is for anticipating situations in this reality.

You can start understanding your own astrology by getting a free natal chart from the internet. I'd suggest getting a report that includes all the aspects, too. Then, you can find an astrologer online to follow and learn more, or get a reading with an astrologer that you like.

  1. Your mindset. If you have all sorts of beliefs that somehow prosperity is closed off to you, this may cause you suffering during this time. Even in good economic times, limiting beliefs will hold you back. For example, if you grew up hearing ideas like "rich people are bad" and "money doesn't grow on trees" you might have some beliefs that no longer serve you.

  2. Your choices. I don't really believe that there are "bad" choices. Rather, there are choices that serve you and choices that do not.

If you are beating yourself up for bad choices, consider that there is plenty of evidence that late bloomers have found success later in life. And now that people are living longer lives, there are even people in their silver years doing some amazing stuff.

It's never too late to make an intentional course correction in a direction you want to go.

  1. The rebalancing of the masculine-feminine energies on this planet. I was surprised that the Universe wanted this on the list, but it is a big part of what is happening right now.

Also, I am frankly surprised at how quickly these energies are shifting. There is more that I want to say about the shifts on a global level after my previous post on the patriarchy and relationships.

If you are a woman who has been struggling to have the same financial prosperity as men on this planet (I count myself in this group) and finding yourself only being able to reach a certain level of prosperity, you will find this shifting quickly. It’s a good time to be a woman in this reality, because the energies are supporting you in your pursuit of equality.

Finally, there may be more factors influencing your success – only you can determine what those are.

It's a bitter pill to swallow, but everything is not under our control right now. Still, I hope this post gives you some perspective about what is happening in this reality.

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