What is Your External Reality Showing You?

By Christine E. Springer

It has taken me awhile to make the connection between external events and what is happening to me emotionally. Sometimes, when all hell breaks loose in your life, it’s showing you things you aren’t aware of. Many of us are seeing that happen now, especially in the collective.

If you have a lot of chaos in your life, it may be a blessing because it’s showing you what’s going on inside of you. A lot of times it’s easy to disown the chaos, which is really just resistance, because it appears to be coming from outside of us.

I first was exposed to this idea of creating resistance when I was working through the first level of Holosync. If you’re not familiar with Holosync, it’s a sound recording of tones that push you into deep meditation. The tones you hear push your brain to create new neural pathways, which leads to more “whole brain thinking” because the two sides of your brain must communicate. The meditations were blissful, and I had some really interesting experiences during the meditations.

One of the interesting things about Holosync was that the company’s newsletters talked about the external chaos that might happen during the program. Essentially, the external chaos is a reflection of your inner resistance to the changes happening.

Unity Church has an interesting term for these phenomena: chemicalization. I first heard this during a prosperity class I was taking. Essentially, what happens is that when you have your “old” consciousness and you introduce “new” consciousness, your external reality might reflect that conflict between the two.

Initially, I experienced this as getting physically sick (like colds) as my body processed and worked through my resistance. Our bodies also give us feedback about what’s going on with our emotional state, too. If you have read Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” you are familiar with the concept of our inner emotional state creating physical symptoms.

The ascension process adds a new dimension to this idea – we are all being “squeezed” to release our emotional blocks for good, and experiencing these old emotions could be shown to us through physical symptoms. I’ll write more about this in a future post.

Although it felt good to meditate using Holosync, my external life seemed to blow up at the same time. I had only just moved to Phoenix and things had not gone the way I expected.

While Holosync didn’t cause all these changes, it was definitely a catalyst for BIG changes that were queued up in my life. I left a relationship, moved to a new living space, got a new job and then eventually started my own business.

After I finished Level 1, the chaos calmed down, because I had fully integrated those changes.

The point of this post is this: any time you make inner changes, you may experience some unexpected external chaos. That might be physical symptoms or it might be things breaking. It could be other things – we all experience this differently.

I am lately experiencing things breaking. For example, a closet light that has been repaired twice already has stopped working. The garage door light has quit working three times now. At one point, our plumbing had issues: the toilet kept clogging and eventually, the pipe under the kitchen sink fell off. The automatic window button on the driver’s side door of my car has broken.

I have really come to view these incidents as small signals that something has shifted inside of me. I think as we let our suppressed emotions go, we stop being a vibrational match with things in our environment, so they break.

The same thing happens with people in your life. You might have been a vibrational match with them but something happens and one of you changes and then they aren’t even in your life anymore. You might notice this with your family and friends, too.

Some of you will find yourself breaking through old issues really quickly. Sometimes I break through two or three limiting beliefs in a day (that I didn’t even know I had) and they are gone before I can even journal about the situation or experience.

These changes are happening very quickly, and so you might see people you just met leaving your life after a short time if you’ve changed. This just happened to me with a client.

When I look back now, I realize that I’d had my initial spiritual awakening shortly after arriving in Phoenix, and everything changed after that because of the ascension process.

The other revelation I’ve had is that the awakening/ascension process is not fun. We’ve spent our lives suppressing a lot of things we didn’t want to feel and it’s really not fun when it all comes back up to be released.

We occasionally get breaks from the intensity, but I notice that most of the time, I’m being pushed to let go of more emotional stuff. I see this in the people around me, too, and it’s pretty obvious that the collective is feeling a lot of fear, too. I do my best to stay unplugged from all the fear so that I don’t add to it.

As you break through your emotional blocks, you will start to notice that external events don’t really impact you. You may also find that you can just allow people to have their own opinions, even if you don’t share them. This is because once you’ve released your “stuff” the emotional trigger is gone – you’ve resolved that issue within yourself. Thus, other people aren’t going to trigger you like they used to.

These are just some of the things I noticed in my environment. You might notice other things happening.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the chaos, find a time to take a break for self-care. The pressure is enormous at times, and it's important to care for yourself.

I’ll write more on ascension in future posts. In the meantime, I hope this helps you navigate these energies!