The Ultimate Guide to Consciously Shifting Your Vibration

By Christine E. Springer

If this is your first visit to my website, welcome! My name is Christine, and I’m here to help ease your transition into the new consciousness. I had a major awakening after moving to Phoenix in 2006, and I was among the “first wavers” that had their consciousness expanded (blasted open?) with the first wave of ascension energy in September 2015. I am also an illumined Twin Flame, intuitive, tarot reader and astrologer. I am here to help others understand what’s happening, and ultimately, assist you in creating your reality in the new consciousness.

Having been through a whole lot of ascension processing, I have learned a few things about how to shift my vibration. I struggle mostly with depression and feeling victimized, and this is ongoing (in waves) as I work through my ascension process.

It’s important to understand that the ascension process is shaking loose a lot of old emotional patterns. Old emotional gunk creates densities (eg., illnesses) in our physical bodies. This shaking loose is happening at the individual level, and since we are all “plugged into” the collective consciousness, it’s also happening on a mass level.

Humanity has mastered the third dimension’s lack, limitation, power struggles and low vibe consciousness, and it’s time we move up on the dimensional scale. The Divine, expressing through us, has experienced all it can experience at this level of consciousness, so we’re all getting “bumped up.”

My experience with ascension is that it has been a very uncomfortable experience, both in my external reality and on my physical body. If you don’t really understand what is happening, it can be a frightening experience. The collective is experiencing this right now.

I’m also writing this today because it’s 11/11. Since this day is so close to the Big Shift that happened this week, we have a huge opportunity to focus on what we’d like to manifest in our reality. A lot of people are reporting some interesting “Mandela effects” and spiritual teachers are saying we’ve perhaps jumped timelines because we are READY as a collective to move forward.

Here are my tips for shifting your vibration:

First, you must cultivate awareness of how you feel generally. One day, I noticed I was miserable by default, and I started to wonder why. Your awareness might happen this way, or you can just create an intention to notice your default way of feeling.

Many of us are disconnected from our emotions. We’ve stuffed them deep inside because we do not want to feel them, because a lot of things we’ve experienced were awful. And let’s face it…who wants to keep feeling awful?

And this is part of the problem in relationships – we’ve all been programmed by this old model of masculinity that says emotions are bad. Men are uncomfortable with emotions and therefore they have difficulty being fully present with their feminine energy partners. This causes them to do things under the guise of “avoiding conflict” but that are really shadowy ways of showing up in relationships. It causes the feminine to suppress that part of her because of the messages that our emotions are bad.

At one point in my ascension journey, I was so cut off from my emotions that I would notice my physical body aching. It turns out that being depressed causes aches and pains, and that’s because depression is correlated with an inflammatory response in the body.

So, if you are an “emotional stuffer” or have conditions related to trauma, like PTSD (I had PTSD and ascension shook all that loose), you may feel bad by default.

I noticed that I was pretty much miserable all the time during the early part of ascension – and my reality was attempting to get my attention and really LOOK at why I was so unhappy.

Another point I want to make: some of you are transmuting HUGE amounts of negative energy on behalf of the collective. If something feels like it’s not yours, you can develop awareness of that, too.

This week, I noticed I worked through my emotional stuff quickly and after that, it was all collective energy stuff. The steps in this post will help with this too.

Second: Once you have awareness that you are feeling bad, and you feel stuck, understand that you may need to consciously seek out experiences that will raise your vibration.

This means that even though you feel bad, you make a decision to get up and do something that will shift your vibration so you feel better.

There is nothing more important that feeling better (or good), because you are broadcasting that into your reality and that's what is creating your experiences.

Self-care is super important.

It's OK if you can't go from feeling depressed to joy in one big leap -- just move up one step at a time.

Here are some of the ways I consciously shift my frequency to a higher, better feeling level.

I will do a “scan” of my body to figure out what it needs. We are in these physical bodies for a reason – they enhance our experience of this reality. It’s important to honor your body and practice self-care.
Ask it what it wants: nutrition, rest, exercise, fun?

If you need to eat, then eat. Eating is a physical requirement and it grounds us. If you are ungrounded, it can make you lightheaded and super emotional. It’s important to EAT during emotional times.

I’m not going to tell you that you have to eat healthy. I think a lot of people believe you have to eat or eliminate certain foods, but I personally think that’s baloney.

If your body wants a Twinkie, then eat one. Trust your body’s wisdom to tell you what you need, and be mindful of it. (I would not recommend eating an entire box of Twinkies, however, or drinking too much. You’ll just feel worse later.)

Chances are, you know what you need for your body to run optimally – it’s almost a side effect of ascension. Honor your own body’s wisdom and your intuition. If you need rest, then find time for a nap.

Here are some practical tips that I use to increase my vibration:

Bach’s Rescue Remedy Drops or pastilles

St. John’s Wort Do you own research on herbs, OK?

Rose absolute essential oil Rose essential oil has the highest frequency of any essential oil. Rose absolute is already diluted so it can be applied to the skin, unless you are have allergies. You can also diffuse it, but I apply it directly near my heart chakra and on my wrists.

There are many other essential oils that help with happiness, abundance, grounding, and more. Do your research and see what works best for you.

Magnesium I am using a magnesium complex from the drugstore right now because it has three different types of magnesium. Your body doesn’t absorb magnesium oxide as well as citrate or glycinate, so read the labels. Many of our body’s processes require magnesium and your body will steal it from other organs if you are under stress. It will help to calm you if you are stressed.

There are combos out there with zinc, and I have crazy lucid dreams when I take magnesium and zinc together before bed. (Perhaps these are good for getting things done on the astral plane while you’re asleep, or remembering your dreams!)

Detox baths I have been taking Himalayan salt baths (pink salt) and notice a distinct difference between using pink salt vs. Epsom salts (which are also great for getting some magnesium into your body).

Pink salt is loaded with trace minerals that are so good for your body. Salt baths also reduce the water hardness and your skin won’t be dry when you’re done.

This is how I transmute most of my negative emotional energy – I think I’d stay in the tub for hours if I could! I also catch up on my YouTube videos while I’m in there, too.

Be sure to drink lots of water (we are drinking alkaline water at my house lately) while you’re in the tub.

Music If you have a song that just gets you up and dancing, then listen to it. Create a playlist that you can come back to when you are feeling bad. I do this on YouTube.

Hymns, the gospel, pop, rap, whatever makes you feel good, because it is ALL good!

If you need to cry while you dance, that’s OK too! Let it rip!

Fellowship Be around other people. It’s really hard to resist withdrawing when you feel bad. My perspective is that I don’t want to “pollute” the environment by feeling bad. I will also not post anything on social media when I feel bad, either, which can be a form of withdrawal.

However, if you need to reach out to others for support, it’s a great tool. If you attend church, or a meditation group, or even get together with a friend for coffee.

If you can be around other people who are OK with your moods – who can hold space for you – that’s good too.

Or, depending where you are on the emotional scale, it might be time for a fun distraction, like a movie, a great meal, or just going to the park.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): You can read about tapping on the internet – it’s great for moving THROUGH emotions. I find that when I use it, I forget about what I was upset about in minutes.

Use the Jai Bolo Prayer

Pet your cat or dog Did you know that cats have healing powers? Their purrs can heal you, and petting your animals lowers your blood pressure. Your dogs can help you stay in the moment and remind you that your default vibration is HAPPY.

Do you have a tool that you use to shift your vibe?