The End of the Patriarchy and Relationships

By Christine Springer

I have been getting strong messages about the shift in energies here on the planet. A few weeks ago I started to write a post about the end of the patriarchy and it’s been sitting in draft on the dashboard for a few weeks. I was not ready to publish it because it was too close, too personal.

I at that time, I’d started getting some messages through Tarot and I wasn’t sure about them. Synchronistically, I then heard astrologer Tom Lescher talking about this shift. I noticed the pattern, and started researching and observing what was happening in my own life.

The Universe wants us all to know that we are at the end of a HUGE cycle. It’s the end of the patriarchy.

What does that mean? Well, basically it’s the end of the line for the extreme end of the masculine energy spectrum: controlling, power hungry and dominant energy.

My understanding is that centuries ago, the feminine was dominant, and over time it swung toward the masculine.

In the present energy shift, the masculine will not be dominated by the feminine. That’s NOT the point. Things are coming into balance, where things will be more equitable.

Here are some examples of the rise of the feminine, based on my own observations:

More women than men are going to college

During the recent recession, men were harder hit than women in terms of employment

Lots of “strong women” themes around – girl power, independent women

Intelligent, independent women having difficulty dating. This assumes you are AWARE of your own energies and how they affect other people. I could write a thesis on this particular issue based on my own understanding, but I will save that for another post.

Estrogenic influences in the environment – eg., plastics

You can also see plenty of evidence that some men, especially those in power, aren’t happy with their perceived loss in status. The discussion about women in the gaming industry is particularly disturbing and is probably the best example I can think of about how some are resisting this shift.

On the bright side, there ARE plenty of enlightened men standing up for women and embracing equality. Thank you to those men!

How does this information apply in your daily life? I will share observations from my own.

For starters, any time there is change, there is a period of adjustment. I think we are already well into the overall adjustment in society. On a personal level, however, you may have just started to notice shifts. You might be struggling to navigate this new energy in your relationships.

I have noticed that relationships with the men in my family have changed. Despite going to college and moving away from my hometown, I still get plenty of unsolicited advice because they believe they know what's best for me.

I believe they have good intentions, but they aren’t necessarily aware, and I am tired of being patient and polite. I have unfriended many of them on Facebook and several have unfriended me, too. I am OK with that.

Side note: I am having a Pluto opposite Saturn transit to my natal 4th house, which represents the men in my family, and I don't have a lot of patience anymore. I am past my tolerance for these kinds of situations personally. The act of unfriending them has caused some anguish, though.

If you have this dynamic in your family and aren't having a Pluto transit (Who isn't having a Pluto transit right now?) your reaction might not be so dramatic.

I have also adjusted my expectations about dating. I have realized that it will take awhile to find Mr. Right and there are several reasons for this.

For starters, I am the first woman in my family to fully reap the benefits of the feminist movement. While I may be lamenting the lack of a partner, I do have the freedom to do what I want to do, when I want to do it.

The women in earlier generations in my family did not have the options I have. I honor my female ancestors by following my dreams and ambitions.

Further, I don't know if it's possible to be completely feminine and run several businesses. I think it takes masculine energy to grow a business, and that isn't attractive to men. I have accepted this as one of the quandaries of the energy shift. I don't know how to solve it. Maybe it doesn't matter -- as I said, perhaps the benefits of being single outweigh the negatives given my statements in the previous paragraph.

I think that as we all get more comfortable with these new realities, this will get easier. Perhaps it won't be seen as masculine to run a business in the future -- there are so many possibilities ahead.

Personally, I think as I work with the energies, I will get better at being able to switch between the two faster – but right now it takes me awhile to switch off from work mode. I also think that as men find their own balance it will help women find their balance faster, too.

Also, if you are a feminine energy woman, the primary breadwinner and worried about money, this will make it more difficult for you to get out of your male energy. You might need to set aside some time for yourself for self care. It's difficult to stay in feminine energy when you are worried about paying the bills.

If you’re a masculine energy man and you are confused about how to navigate these energies, I would suggest staying in your masculine energy. I am not saying be a jerk – that’s not what the masculine is about. I appreciate a man who opens doors and takes the lead – in fact, when a man leads in a dating scenario, it's super attractive! I can relax and let him worry about all the details – that’s what he is wired to do!

Above all, I think communication and authenticity is called for in these times. I have found myself telling men that I am "old school" and traditional, and usually they appreciate knowing where I stand.

I may come back and update this post if I get more insights. In the meantime, I hope this post helps you to better understand and navigate these energies!