The End of the Patriarchy and Relationships, Part 2

By Christine Springer

We live in interesting times! The rebalancing of the masculine-feminine energies is happening quickly. I noticed a huge shift in my own life after I wrote my previous post months ago, called The End of the Patriarchy and Relationships.

Astrologically, the collective has a LOT going on. This weekend, we have a mutuable grand cross, which means a tense aspect between four planets in astrological signs that are in the mutable modality. Mutable is another word for “changeable.”

It's uncomfortable because of the changeability -- which is actually helping to make things change easier.

I don’t have any natal planets near the locations of the planets in the mutable cross (thank goodness….), but the people around me do. It’s been interesting to watch things unfold in their lives.

I am noticing a lot of relationships at a crossroads because of issues related to sex, money and secrets. This is resonant with the current Mars retrograde transit through Scorpio.

We also had a full moon in Scorpio recently, which seems to have triggered relationship issues for a lot of people. Some of Scorpio’s energies relate to sex, death, secrets, transformation and depth. You probably know someone who is a Scorpio – this sign is deep and its natives can be intense.

Along those same lines, I’m noticing a lot of men adjusting to the rebalancing energies through painful situations that bring issues to the surface. The men are being forced to change, which then changes the dynamic in their relationship with their female partner.

These painful situations usually bring to light problems in the way they are relating to their partner and women generally. There are now consequences for behaviors that just a few years ago would have been considered acceptable.

I don’t think most men intentionally mistreat women – but there are more subtle forms of behavior that are socialized into men and women. We have all been socialized into a certain way of relating and that’s now falling apart.

And this brings me to the main point of this post: it's time for women to look at how they are relating to their male partners.

I have a ton of compassion for men right now. They are under a lot of pressure, and I see a lot of women who aren't appreciating the work men are doing right now. A lot of women have good men in their lives yet they aren't appreciating them.

I think a lot of women are used to getting what they want in relationships through anger, manipulation and withholding sex.

I don't think these ways of relating were ever really effective, but now they really don't serve any purpose.

Most women can take care of themselves, so if they are truly unhappy, they can leave the relationship. There is really no reason to dwell in anger anymore.

It does not serve us as women to stay angry, especially at the risk of destroying our relationships with our partners.

In all the relationship situations I’ve noticed lately, the woman is caught up in her need to be right. I’m seeing women who are withholding sex, manipulating their partners, or just so angry that they keep reminding their partner that he’s f*cked up and he needs to EARN his way back into her good graces.

It’s totally reasonable to question whether you want to continue with your partner after a breach of trust. I think we are all being asked to get really clear on what we want right now, and relationships are no exception.

Ladies, if you are constantly:

  • Complaining about your man
  • Withholding sex
  • Not taking care of yourself
  • Being angry or critical
  • Not appreciating your man

He will find the affection and attention he needs somewhere else. If you aren’t appreciating your man, I guarantee there is another woman who will.

Is this what you want? If not, perhaps it's time for some internal work on yourself.

By the way: I am not talking about abusive relationships here. I am talking about the women who have good men in their lives.

For men and women -- it’s time to ask for what you want and need from your partner, and if you’re not getting it, maybe it’s time to move on. It takes two to make a relationship work.

These painful situations offer a huge opportunity for personal growth. Even if a relationship ends, it's important to resolve your anger so it doesn't poison your future relationships. The Universe never wastes an opportunity for us to experience growth on our journey in this reality.