How to Quickly Decode Your Number Messages

By Christine Springer

I am super excited to share this information with you. I just "learned" how to do this, and I think it will help a lot of people on the awakening path understand how to get to the meaning of the Universe's number messages.

My personal viewpoint is that my spiritual practice has to enhance my physical experience. We are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience, and the more I contemplate what we are doing here, in these physical bodies, the more I understand that we are here to be FULLY PRESENT in this reality.

I have more to say on this topic in a later blog post, but for now, the purpose of being in this dimension at this time is to have the FULL human experience. That is why we forget when we come into these physical bodies -- because our souls would not "know" that we are masters because our true mastery would completely change our experience. Although we generally don't like pain and sorrow, at the soul level, it's really all good, because every experience, from joy to pain, contributes to the expansion of consciousness. The reason we're all waking up to our divine nature is because the Divine Creator, of which we are all a small piece of, is ready for some new experiences.

Embracing our mastery in this physical reality to create amazing new things and experiences is going to be a lot of fun once we get on the other side of this massive shift we're all in at this time.

The point of this tangent is to share that spirituality can absolutely be used to enhance your physical experience in this reality. I know a lot of people are waking up to their divinity but don't have the slightest idea what the Universe is saying to them. I would have appreciated someone helping me shorten my learning curve.

In my previous post, Decoding the Meaning of Repeating Number Sequences, I told you about the meanings I have come to understand through my personal experience and how they have communicated with me.

Here is a recap of the numbers:

These meanings may be different than the meanings you find elsewhere on the internet:

1 = New beginnings

2 = Balance, harmony, cooperation, results that aren't yet visible in this reality

3 = Unity, socializing, communication, groups of people

4 = The first stage of the foundation of a situation, stability, grounded-ness

5 = Change, challenges, difficulty, unpleasant people or situations

6 = Your daily routine, things you do every day

7 = Changes that you initiate from inside of yourself based on spiritual truth, agitation, taking a stand. For further clarification, Google the sevens in Tarot and look at the images on the cards for further understanding.

8 = A change from bad to good luck, prosperity/abundance, moving beyond previous limitations, growth and expansion

9 = The final stage of action before completion, graduation, culmination, ending leading to new beginnings. The number nine is the "the end" in Tarot, because numerologically, the number 10 (1+0 = 1) is 1, which is a new beginning.

Using the above list as a cheat sheet, here's how you can quickly figure out what the Universe is saying to you.

First of all, I wouldn't necessarily apply this technique to every number you see. You will generally just know that you are supposed to be paying attention to a specific number sequence because it will jump out at you, you've seen it more than once, or you've specifically asked for guidance on an issue in your life.

All of these may happen together, but you'll just KNOW that you're supposed to be "reading" this number sequence because it has a specific answer to your request.

Example: 6454

This sequence has two fours, a six and a five. Since there are more fours, this message is saying that

Your foundation (4)
is solidifying (4 appearing twice)
in your day to day affairs (6)
after a change (5).

The numbers may not always be in the order that allows you to read the sequence like a story, but they could be. Rely on your intuition here, and if you are ever in doubt about the message, ask for a confirmation from the Universe.

Example: 5511 (could also be 1515, 5151, 1155)

Somewhat intense changes (two fives)
leading to new beginnings (two ones) and
harmony (1 + 1 = 2)

Example: 9989

You will begin to see some new expansion (8) after a major ending (three nines) but the endings aren't completely finished yet (three nines)

Example: 666 or 6666

You are too focused on your daily affairs. It's time to let your worries about your daily life go. Focus on something else for awhile and let the Universe take care of the details in your life.

Example: 3799

Working with others (3)
to take a stand/confront/prevent/cause (7)
something that should end (two nines)

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