How I Use the Jai Bolo Prayer

By Christine E. Springer

I attended a meetup event here in Phoenix where the jai bolo prayer was introduced to the group, and we all chanted together.

During the event, the facilitator helped each attendee get clear on their request to the Divine and then arranged the prayer for them, which was chanted seven times by everyone in the room.

I was skeptical at first, but one day while I was going to be in my car anyway, I chanted the prayer several hundred times throughout the day. I experienced a miraculous financial situation improvement THAT DAY. It was pretty amazing, and I’d invite you to try it.

So, what is the jay bolo prayer? How do you use it?

Jai bolo is simply a prayer to the Divine that works very quickly. You call upon certain aspects of the Divine according to your request. The prayer is in spoken Sanskrit, not English.

I have heard stories about people experiencing amazing results from using this prayer, but the information available from Google is sparse and confusing at best. The content of this blog post is just how I use it. This is just one way, so feel free to experiment and make it your own.

There are also a couple of jai bolo songs on YouTube. My favorite is by [Daniel Bellone]("target="_blank" rel="nofollow).

It may help you get a better understanding of how to say the words. The arrangement of the song is different because he sticks to just the prayer, without including a request. I used a different format, which I’ll share with you below.

Like all manifestation techniques, if you can have fun while singing along, it’s better. I pretended to be Daniel Bellone, singing in a funny voice sometimes, which made me laugh at myself. You might find yourself giggling at how silly these words are, but that’s OK.

Don’t judge yourself if you can’t pronounce all the words, because it’s all about your intent. Forget about doing it perfectly and know that the Divine will hear you anyway, because the Divine knows YOU and your heart.

These are the aspects of the Divine that you can call upon depending on which type of request you are making.

They are:

Ananda Roopa (AH-NAHN-DAH ROO-PAH):
Call on this aspect of the Divine for help with happiness and joy

Prema Swaroopa (PREH-MA SWAR-OOH-PAH):
Call on this aspect of the Divine for love and relationships

Aishwarya Roopa (AYSH-WAR-YAH ROO-PAH):
This aspect of the Divine is the “Divine Banker.” Call on this aspect of the Divine for help with money, your finances, and overall prosperity

Mukthi Pradata (MOOK-THEE PRAH-DAH-TAH):
This is the aspect of the Divine to ask for help with your awakening and enlightenment

Satchitananda (SAH-CHEET-AH-NAN-DAH):
This aspect of the Divine helps with peace and existence consciousness

This is the "Divine Doctor" aspect of the Divine, so to call upon this aspect with your health requests or concerns


Amma: (AH-MAH) Divine Mother

Bhagavan: (BAH-GAH-VAHN) Divine Father

There are a couple of ways you can arrange the prayer, depending on how comfortable you are with speaking it in another language.

You can always use your native language if it’s too difficult to pronounce the words or if you feel limited by the aspects of the Divine.

The short format is:

Jay Bolo Sri Amma Bhagavan KI JAY!

Loosely, the prayer translates to something along these lines: "Praise be to the Divine Mother and Divine Father for their providence!"

It made the most sense to me to set up the prayer like this (the request is one I made up for demonstration purposes, but I'll let you all know if I get a new car!):

“Jay bolo, Aishwarya Roopa, paramatma bhagavati bhaghavan: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK
YOU for the money to buy a car RIGHT NOW! KI-JAY!”

Pronounced like this:


AYSH-WAR-YAH ROO-PAH (You can use a different aspect of the Divine in this line of the prayer for your specific request)




THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THE MONEY FOR MY NEW CAR RIGHT NOW! (Change the wording in this line of the prayer depending on your request. Be specific about what you want, and ask for it NOW.)


(Say it LOUD, jump around and celebrate having what you asked for NOW!)

The more excited you can get when you say this, the better, because it gets you into the FEELING that your miracle is on the way. And I was taught to use the words NOW, to which I added RIGHT NOW because it is specific.

And, I like to YELL the words “KI-JAY!” because it’s full of emotions and celebration!

If that feels silly, just go with it, OK?

This is supposed to be fun, and I promise if you work this, you’ll shift your frequency higher and you’ll feel better because you begin to align with your desires.

On the day I used this, I saw results in HOURS. Obviously, if you have a bad attitude or think, “This will never work” or “These words are so hard to pronounce” or “I’ll never get it right” then you will probably not see your results right way.

Also, it has been my experience that smaller things get faster results because the Universe doesn’t have to rearrange the world to help me out. In my case, I just needed some extra time to pay something. The company actually called ME and offered me a two month extension out of the blue, that day.

I also jai bolo’d about a resolution of a bigger situation that took several months to unfold. However, it ultimately resolved peacefully, without too much drama or obstacles, because I patiently waited for it to come together.

Keep these in mind when you are using this prayer and expecting results. Don’t get upset when you wake up the following day and your entire life is not rearranged!

The other thing I wanted to mention is that your results are also impacted by your internal resistance.

This reminds me of something I heard from Abraham-Hicks, which is that there are often two parts to a request made to the Divine: A request, which is often followed by a (sometimes hidden) belief that you can’t actually have what you just asked for.

I did not have a bunch of resistance to the prayer. By resistance, I mean:

I believed that a resolution was possible; I had already accepted that there was a problem and had released my anger about it; and I focused on the prayer and the celebratory feeling that it was already on the way.

I also noticed that because the prayer is in another language, I was focused on the words and not my thoughts about the situation. I think my brain was too busy focusing on the pronunciation to bother with any resistance or thoughts about why it would not work.

I am working on a video to help you with the prayer and specifically how to pronounce these words.

Has the jai bolo prayer manifested something amazing in your life?