Energetic Resonance Report for October 24, 2016

By Christine E. Springer

Today I was guided to share a few things with you regarding the current ascension energies, and how they may be manifesting for some people.

As always, use your own inner guidance to discern this information. I don’t purport to have ALL the answers for everyone, and I don’t claim to be the expert on what each individual will experience during the ascension process.

I have figured out that I am a “first waver” in the ascension process. The first wave of ascension hit the Earth last September, almost everything in my life subsequently fell apart, and is only now beginning to stabilize in the new energy. I’ll write more about this “wave” and how I experienced it in another post.

Please read my post, “What Is Ascension?” for more details on what I mean when I use the term ascension.

There are a lot of people who have just started the ascension process and many, many more will wake up in the years ahead. I want to share practical, grounded information that isn’t over the top “woo-woo” for those people, and for anyone else who shares that view.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We came to this reality for a reason, and our reality (the illusion) offers us many opportunities for our soul’s growth.

This report is based on what I’m experiencing and what I notice happening to people around me.

These are the main energies I notice:

First: The Masculine is purging a LOT of anger, rage and fear. We just went through a Mars-Pluto conjunction and this vibe was definitely noticeable for me. As the Divine Feminine comes back into balance, there are a lot of men who are angry at their perceived loss of their privilege. I touched on this in my posts on the End of the Patriarchy and Relationships. Men generally are having a hard time right now with making room for women as equals.

The Mars-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn added to these energies, and we’re seeing it manifest in a big way in our election cycle. As I’ve said before, the Universe NEVER wastes an opportunity to piggy-back on the planetary alignments to help us purge more of what's hidden from us.

This election cycle is also showing us, in a big way, the gravity of the injustices done to women.

I’m not saying ALL men are like this. The men who were already comfortable with women as equals may be feeling pressure to take a stand on our behalf. At the very least, all men are now aware of how women have been treated.

Since men compartmentalize their lives, they may have been able to rationalize their treatment of women who are not family members or friends, but not anymore. There is a lot of shame and guilt for the way women have been treated.

In some ways, we should be thankful for the negative political situation, because we can all see what’s been hidden in the shadows of the collective consciousness.

When it comes up in a big way like it has been shown to us, it’s also being released.

When we are shown things we don’t like about ourselves, we have the opportunity to change it.

Watch for things to improve post election. There will be an integration period of all the lessons learned during the next few months.

If you are noticing interactions with men (at work, dating, generally) are difficult, things will improve after the election and continue to lighten up in the months ahead while the masculine rebalances after this purging of shadow energies.

There may also be a period of time when the masculine is ready to acknowledge that they need to change. We may need to give them some room, some compassion and forgiveness, especially if these are men you care about.

Two: Your pets may be experiencing ascension symptoms. I figured this out through my Angel Messages deck. Pets have their own ascension process, and they are super sensitive to our energies. One of my pets recently became sick when we (his hoomans) were having a hard time with the intensity of our lives. Pets love us so unconditionally that they will often take on our energies and become sick because they don't want us to be in pain.

We often don’t even realize it until we are rushing them to the vet because they have become sick.

Our pets help us over the bumps in our lives. They serve as mirrors of where we are in our own energies. They are also here to love and support us and we also co-create with our pets.

If you notice that your pets are sleeping more, want to be alone more, are eating less, or notice they have other symptoms or a vibe that seems off from their usual personalities – but are otherwise healthy -- they probably need some time to rest and integrate the changes from the energies and readjust to your energetic shifts.

This is also a call to remember to stay centered and care for you. If you are feeling overwhelmed, your pets are feeling it too. You may need to clear your schedule for rest.

Take a nap with your pets, play with them, and tell them you love them and that you’re going to be there for them always. They need our love and reassurance that things are going to be OK. And so it is!

THREE: Your physical body may look different. This one’s weird for me, but I’ve just noticed it a few days ago. I’ve also had several people comment that I don’t look my age. I can’t really point out any specific changes in my body, but I just know that things are different.

I mentioned in my post about Opportunities that I’ve been going through a lot of stuff this year. A lot of people I have spoken to have been through the same experiences this year. The Saturn-Neptune alignment this year has resulted in some scary stuff coming up for us all. I mentioned in that post that most of the scary stuff was illusory and it doesn’t bother me anymore.

The point is – that when you release a LOT of emotional stuff – which many of us have – your body will naturally shift. So, if you start to notice your physical body looking different, it is entirely possible that you’ve released a lot of stuff this year and your body now reflects those changes.

You may also notice dietary changes. A lot of people say they are eating less meat, but I am the opposite. I'm having trouble tolerating vegetables right now.

FOUR: We’re in 5D now – mostly. What this means: as a collective, there are enough of us who are tired of the low-vibe energies such as wars, poverty, fighting, feminine suppression, might-is-right, trolls, and other aspects of the dual nature of this reality.

3D and 5D are frequencies, or new levels of consciousness. Many of us have mastered the limitations presented to us in 3D and we’re ready for a new experience.

We are staying in our physical bodies for this ascension because we’re here to help the Earth shift into its higher consciousness. That’s also why your body may look different.

Part of the scary stuff we’ve all been through has been some of the bumps with entering into this new frequency.

Not everyone is going to make the shift into 5D right away. Some people will choose to remain in the 3D consciousness to work out more of their issues, others will transition out of their physical bodies through death.

Eventually, the people who want to move into 5D will no longer be around the people who have chosen to stay in 3D. They will simply fade from your life.

You may notice this now in your relationships with friends and family – it’s not easy, but it’s actually the highest act of love to let these people choose for themselves. For me, it manifested as no longer wanting to overlook things about how others live their life. I simply didn't want to be around that energy anymore.

There are still a lot of 3D people around, however. Perhaps they are preparing to wake up; perhaps the shift is not over yet.

FIVE: The intensity is ratcheting up. However, if you are ready for your 5D experience, you may be finding it easier to unplug from all the chaos.

It's almost comical how ridiculous things have become -- like the events have to become more ridiculous than the previous to keep our attention. That's because many of us have simply lost interest.

There are a couple of reasons why things are so chaotic. First of all, the Powers That Be understand that they have lost the battle for control. It’s done, over, finito.

They’ve lost. Love has won.

Still, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to attempt to squeeze every last dime out of you, distract you from the changes happening, or do their best to keep you in fear. They will keep you watching their circus for as long as possible until they can’t do it anymore.

It may take practice for you to recognize the cycles – it took me awhile to 1) become aware of what I was feeling in my body; and 2) have a conscious thought of, “WOW, these energies are intense today, I need some extra self-care” and 3) realize that I am capable of seeing it for what it is – another attempt at extending the collective’s fear and keeping us all on the fear merry-go-round.

The other reason your personal life may be chaotic is because a lot of your “stuff” is coming up. You’ll get a good look at it – your fears, and your shadow side – so you can decide if you want to change it.

As you release the underlying emotion, these experiences will eventually stop happening frequently.

I hope this report helps you navigate the energies over the next few weeks!