Divine Mother's Message About the Feminine's Energetic Rebalancing

By Christine Springer

This is a channeled message from the Divine Mother. Last fall, I attended a meditation called Healing with the Mother, which began a series of unfoldings (for lack of a better term) in my life that has led me to where I am.

That was her introduction to me, and since that time, I see her everywhere.

I have also received several gifts from her. I will explain more about my Interdimensional Friends (I call them IDF's for short) that leave me gifts, messages and even money, in another post.

I've been feeling like it's time to channel, but I don't get messages like the people I see on YouTube. I don't go into a trance --- I get prompted to WRITE. The information just flows through me, onto the page through the keyboard or pen.

And so -- today is THE DAY -- it's not so much that I feel confident sharing these channelings, but rather -- SHE has asked me to share them.

I'll let her do the talking now:

"This message is for the women who identify energetically with the feminine energetic on your earth. Now that the feminine energy is coming into balance on your planet, it will be necessary for women to make adjustments in your lives.

Like many women, Christine was raised by strong women, who welcomed their new-found opportunities to enter the work force and to earn their own money. These women understood, however, that to fit into the patriarchal ideas, they had to be a certain way, which usually involved downplaying their feminine traits, such as their emotions, their lives outside of work, and even how they dressed.

This dynamic is changing once again. Because of all the trailblazing women ahead of you, and because of the energetic shift happening, those of you who identify with the feminine energies can now bring yourselves back into balance with your femininity in the way that you choose to identify with it.

As of right now, most of you are standing in between the old and the new energies on your planet and there will be some balancing required. Like a seesaw, there will be moments when you are in your masculine energy and others when you are in your feminine energy depending on the task.

Don’t let this confuse you – this is all part of the switch to this new energetic dynamic unfolding on your planet. Also, for everyone, men and women, the feminine energies are balancing within each of you as well – so there will not be a one-or-the-other scenario.

Christine has experienced that many men expect her to be intelligent and ambitious while remaining in her feminine energy. Men too have been changed by the feminist movement and welcome women’s financial and intellectual contributions to their lives.

Those of you who struggle to balance these new energies may feel uncomfortable. Again, don’t let this stop you from working with this energy. As you move forward, you will find your center and understand how to be in your feminine energy in your careers, relationships and other areas of your life. You don’t need to give up your passions, but understand that they won’t work as they did in the past – they will need to be re-tooled as you come into alignment with your feminine energies.

During the rebalancing time, you may find yourself wanting to work less, rest more, have more fun and have time for more self-care. When you are feeling refreshed you will naturally return to your passions. These time outs will allow you to be fully present and available in ALL of your relationships.

This is a very important time for women AND men. The work you do now will benefit everyone. As you come into balance with both your feminine AND masculine, much of the confusion you experience will gradually diminish and you will feel more confident about this change.

There is much love and appreciation here for the work you are doing to bring your world into balance!

Divine Mother"