The Divine Feminine's Rebalancing and Relationships

By Christine Springer

First: I am being guided to work with men and women on how to navigate the relationship rebalancing that is ahead, a result of the changes happening with the ascension process. As the feminine moves back into balance, a lot of issues are coming up – and I share some of mine in this post.

Second: A cosmic "heads up": most relationships (not just romantic) will be renegotiated in the coming years. Relationships where one partner refuses to change, or where the partners cannot agree on a new relationship dynamic, will come to an end. This is perhaps already happening for many of you.

Jupiter is in Libra, the relationship sign, and Libra likes things to be fair, harmonious and equal. If that’s not achieved, Libra detaches (it’s an air sign, so it’s about thinking) and moves on.

I told you about all the obstacles that have cropped up for me this year, and how it’s rocked my security on several levels. These obstacles have been the catalyst for a major emotional purge.

I have been looking around at my issues, especially the issues related to prosperity. I’ve purged so much this year emotionally and it’s hard to imagine there’s anything left, but what’s interesting is that I am FINALLY getting to see what’s REALLY going on and what caused all the issues I had in the first place.

Also, someone told me the other day that if you are having money problems, the root cause could be your relationship with your father.

I don’t know why this statement caught my attention, because I consciously don’t think I have issues with my father. My parents divorced. Things were messy. I wouldn’t say I had a pleasant childhood from an emotional standpoint, but I went to counseling in my late 20's and worked through a lot of that stuff.

The other thing is, as difficult as living with my dad was, I was blessed with enough self-awareness to channel his restrictive parenting into some fantastic things that have helped me deal with life now. As an adult, I had no illusions about reality and the difficulties I would experience. It gave me an awareness of how to function within the patriarchal structure. It was beneficial in many ways.

However, as I get back in alignment with my feminine energy, I notice some interesting stuff coming up that is in conflict with my energetic guidance, and with the new set of beliefs I want to incorporate. The old beliefs are all tied to the patriarchal structure we’ve been living in for centuries, and of which my dad, (perhaps unknowingly) perpetuated because he was part of that structure and he held certain beliefs about his role as a man.

Here are some examples of stuff coming up for me:

“Women are crazy.”

“My worth is tied to how much I produce or accomplish every day.”

“Emotions are bad.”

As I work to bring my feminine energy into balance, there are times lately when I want to do NOTHING. Yet, that belief about productivity comes up. These are in conflict and I have to find some middle ground.

The “women are crazy” belief is something a LOT of women have heard. I know I’m not alone in having had men tell me that my emotions are bad and that I’m always overreacting. The men in my family have perpetuated this belief, too.

A relationship with a man in my family is frosty because he doesn't see how this belief he's holding, that isn't even his own, is affecting our relationship.

It’s not just men who have these beliefs either – I am surprised that so many women are supporting these views. The other day, I was talking to a woman about the controversial male presidential candidate, and this woman got all fired up, defending this man’s behavior.

The basis of her defense was that “this is just how men are.”

I remember thinking, “WOW, I can TOTALLY see this woman’s patriarchal programming.” She could not see it -- and she would have just been upset if I pointed it out to her.

Most of us have been born into this structure and we cannot see our bias. So many of us women have become more like men in order to have jobs and more freedom.

I see that woman’s behavior as wishing things would stay the same. Why would she wish that?

Well, I feel the same way sometimes. I knew what worked, how to earn money and I knew the rules. I feel like now we’ve all been thrust into this huge unknown and we are all just going to have to figure it out. It’s frustrating as hell to want to create things in your life, yet the things you used to do don’t work anymore.

I also think her views are an adaptation to how men were. Women generally did not have a lot of choices in this regard -- we had to deal with a lot of negative stuff to operate in this world. She had accepted that but she had a hardness about it that recognized in myself, having been through that in the military.

Clearly, we all have work to do around this rebalancing of energies.

If you've been experiencing issues like this, take heart: it's not just you. We are in the midst of a HUGE shift taking place, and we're all being called to look at our stuff.