Decoding the Meaning of Repeating Number Sequences

By Christine Springer

Are you seeing repeating numbers? If so, welcome! I'll do my best to explain to you what's happening, based on my experience.

This is the post I wish someone had written for me when I started seeing numbers repeating.

The first thing to know is that numbers and math are the language of the Universe. Numbers are how the Divine Consciousness communicates.

Many people start out by seeing the number 11:11 or 1:11 on the clock, on building numbers, license plates or receipts. It happens often enough that they actually remember that they've seen the same number frequently and they start to wonder about the significance.

You will often notice these particular numbers because they seem to jump out at you, or you just know that those numbers are there to get YOUR attention.

Each number has a specific frequency or message. I started Googling the specific numbers and their meanings which is a fantastic way to get a baseline understanding of what numbers mean.

After you start noticing specific numbers, you'll start to get a feel for their specific meaning and what they mean to YOU. I have been journaling for about five years, since the beginning of my Revelation from the Universe, and I've come to have my own understanding of what the numbers mean.

I have also been studying Tarot for about ten years now, and these number meanings have been more in line with the numbers from Tarot cards. I am presenting them in order of the spectrum of meanings, so the first meaning is the "lite" version and the meanings gain in intensity if the number appears more than once together in the same grouping.

These meanings may be different than the meanings you find elsewhere on the internet:

1 = New beginnings

2 = Balance, harmony, cooperation, results that aren't yet visible in this reality

3 = Unity, socializing, communication, groups of people

4 = The first stage of the foundation of a situation, stability, grounded-ness

5 = Change, challenges, difficulty, unpleasant people or situations

6 = Your daily routine, things you do every day

7 = Changes that you initiate from inside of yourself based on spiritual truth, agitation, taking a stand

8 = A change from bad to good luck, prosperity/abundance, moving beyond previous limitations, growth and expansion

9 = The final stage of action before completion, graduation, culmination, ending leading to new beginnings. The number nine is the "the end" in Tarot, because numerologically, the number 10 (1+0 = 1) is 1, which is a new beginning.

The other thing I want to mention is that the number of times you see a specific number together is telling you about the intensity of the message.

Example: 555

Since last October, I've been seeing 555 frequently. I think I've seen every license plate in Arizona that has this number on it.

Since I've had an extended period of time to observe this number and when it appears, it is usually telling me one of the following messages:

First: Seeing this number over an extended period of time means that you are going through a period of intense personal change and you should prepare for growth that comes through challenges and obstacles.

Second: As a "tool" to get a reading of the day's intensity as far as challenges ahead. I will actively look for the number 55 or 555 as I'm going about my day. If the intensity is high, I will see the number before I have to look for it. I tend to look for fives if I haven't seen any after the first hour or two of my day.

There have been a few days when I've been given a break from the intensity and I will only see the number 5 randomly.

Three: The intensity of change in my experience is ratcheted up that day depending on how many times I see the number 5 together AND how many times 5 appears to me in separate groupings.

If I see 5555 or 55555, it's more of a "holy shit" feeling (ha ha, but not really!)

555 is lately garden variety unpleasantess. Some days I'm just over being pressed to change constantly. (Yawn. The Universe is so predictable lately.)

If I see 55 it's a medium level change intensity day for me. Nothing I cannot handle.

If I see two fives together in a sequence on a license plate (eg, 5745), and it doesn't "jump out" at me but I am looking for fives, I know the intensity is less than seeing 55 next to each other in a sequence.

You can see through this example how the intensity is higher the more you see the numbers together.

Four: I am about to experience a situation or a person that is unpleasant and I am being given forewarning so that I can choose how I will respond.

As always, I am interested in practical application of spiritual concepts. These messages from the Universe aren't much good if we don't know what they mean!

I recently learned how to "read" number messages much quickly, because who has time to Google numbers when the Universe comes calling? I will share that with you in another post.