An e-mail from the Universe

The Universe began talking to me long before I heard it speaking. There have been a couple of times where I have received actual written notes on paper from the Universe.

By the way -- I am using the term "The Universe" to describe the energetic beings that are manipulating time and space to let me know they are here. I haven't figured out any other way to have a dialogue with them, although I expect that will happen on my path to wherever things are headed with this blog.

Usually, the Universe's notes to me are through coins, feathers or other signals. If I were not paying attention, I would miss them. These days, the Universe seems to understand that it has to be obvious. How would I know that someone else didn't leave that rock there, that the wind didn't blow that feather near my door, or that my Mom didn't leave that stack of pennies on the counter?

The other day, a feather was STUCK to the side of my car door. I think, given all that has happened, that I was meant to see the feather.

Today I am sharing the first message I received from the Universe. It was the day after my birthday in 2007.

The e-mail came from my mom's email address.

I called my Mom after I saw this e-mail to ask her about "the cryptic e-mail" that she had sent. She told me that she did not send me that e-mail and there was no record of it in her sent folder, either.

Have you received messages from the Universe?