About The Great Revelation

My name is Christine Springer and this blog is inspired by a series of events that began unfolding in 2007.

This blog is NOT about the end times, or biblical prophecy. The Great Revelation is the name that Spirit/Universe/God called the series of events that began unfolding. It was a "revelation" in a different sense of the word.

I had just moved from St. Louis to Phoenix, and had a big spiritual awakening shortly thereafter. I had also just finished a master's degree at Washington University, and I was keen on using my analytical ability.

If you are wondering why it took me nearly a decade to begin writing this blog, it's because I am a "Doubting Thomas." I consider myself an educated woman and all that paranormal stuff that happened to other people had not happened to me. That is, until I had an awakening.

I'm not going to get into my personal philosophy of the Bible or Christianity, because it doesn't matter. I pick and choose what works for me based on its resonance, and I hope you do too. My intent is for everyone to feel comfortable here.

I was shown a new path when I had my awakening, and that it all that matters for the purposes of understanding my philosophy.

I think the Universe has been bugging me to write this blog because there are lot of people like me, who are not really into the "woo woo" aspect of spirituality. I don't consider myself "way out there," and I don't believe in conspiracy theories, or the economy is going to collapse, or that there are reptilians who are secretly controlling the government.

I prefer to use spiritual tools to improve my life in this reality. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. I think spirituality should make my life in this reality better.

I hope that the lessons I have learned will help you on your path forward.

I look forward to engaging the Universe in a deeper conversation with us all!